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Financial Assistance Program

The Good Samaritan Ministry provides financial assistance to individuals in need. Summerside United Methodist Church, in keeping with its Biblical and charitable goals, has established
a Good Samaritan Program ("Fund") to assist persons in our community in financial need. The links provided below give access to the application and program policy for this Financial Assistance Program.

- Financial assistance applications are limited to those within Clermont County
- Assistance is capped at $100 per family per year.
- Applications must be COMPLETE when submitted or they will be not be considered.
- Needs are limited to rent/mortgage assistance or utility assistance. The church will not assist with gas cards or cash requests.
- Emergency needs cannot be addressed by the church. Please submit your request as soon as you are aware of the need.

To submit a request for assistance, you must send your application to the church address via regular mail or email: no phone call requests or walk-in visitations are accepted. Phone calls or voicemails will not be returned.

Click Here for Financial Assistance Application

For a complete list of referral agencies, CLICK HERE for our New Financial Assistance Referral Brochure!

Financial Assistance Applications are reviewed on the 15th and 30th of each month. Although our goal is to share the love of Jesus through financial assistance, we are unable to acquiesce to each request. The church will contact you ONLY if your request is approved. Please do not contact the church to check on the "status" of your application.

Please email your request to:  

OR mail your request to: Summerside United Methodist Church

 attn: Good Samaritan Fund
638 Old State Route 74
Cincinnati, OH 45244