Community Testimonies 

"Summerside Methodist Church, 
Thank you so much for the delicious treats! We are especially thankful for you kind thoughts and prayers for Summerside Elem. 
With much appreciation,
The Summerside Elementary Staff
I live in Michigan and come to Summerside UMC when I am here visiting. I would share with you, and any others who care for your hospitality ministry that I experienced a very warm welcome by all those I encountered at Summerside. I would especially highlight the welcome given to me by Cheryl (I don’t recall her last name) as well as your pastor.
In Michigan I serve as the District Superintendent and I would hope that the churches on my District would do as fine a job of appropriate welcome and hospitality that I experienced at your church.
Thanks again. I’ll see you again next time I’m here in Cincinnati.

Reverse Offering Testimonies:

I wanted to let you know how God led me to use the Reverse Offering. I went to Kroger to buy foods for our Thanksgiving dinner. When I was shopping a family I have seen at Dollar General was shopping for their first Thanksgiving Dinner that they would ever be cooking. They were looking for items and adding the cost up as they shopped. I over heard them say they only had so much to purchase everything they needed. I helped them look for spices to bake the first pumpkin pie the lady would ever bake. The spices were more than they could afford so they were going to put them back.
This is when I knew these were the people God wanted me to give the money to. I simply touched the young man on the shoulder, handed him the money and said “Please take this it’s fromy church and have a Happy Thanksgiving”. The young man smiled and said thank you. I shadowed the family through the store and they were able with the offering gift to purchase everything they wanted to make their first Thanksgiving dinner.
Please thank those who were so generous with their giving that we were able to give to others in God’s name.
I now am carrying $20 in five dollar bills to share Gods love with who he leads me to help. I will give each time with the phrase “Please take this, God loves you.”
God bless you.
There were many individuals who gave their $5 for the Call to Action family. When the church met with the family they had expressed that the children had never been to the zoo before. With the money collected from individuals after the Reverse Offering proposal, we were able to purchase for the whole family to go and spend the day at the Cincinnati Zoo. We have been able to bless this family immensely! Thank you for your donations, prayers, and support in being a blessing. This will be such a joy for this family this Christmas season.
I handed our $5 (padded a little) to a grandmother (with our church card)who lives in the Summerside school district and raising her grandchildren on a limited budget.She was very touched,not only for the monetary, but knowing someone cares.
"Pastor Joe, wanted to share that the money passed out yesterday came at a great time. We are having a Thanksgiving feast at school for the special needs students. The teacher I work for has had some rough time and I asked her this morning if she had picked up the turkey breast yet. She had not. Well I gave her the $5 plus a gift card for hopefully the rest. A big hug followed."
“I wanted to pass along that we gave the $5.00 to a homeless man in downtown Cincinnati. This also promoted us to give him some extra clothes, coat, hat, and gloves.
Kind regards,
Gene and I will be using our money plus more for 10 year old boy who is in Childrens hospital with brain cancer that developed very quickly. This will go for treatment that is not covered by insurance.
"My friend of 25 years, found out November 16th that she has inoperable pancreatic cancer with lymph node involvement and metastasis (mets) to the liver.  Her and her new husband, were just married November 2nd.  Yesterday, I took her for her CT scan of the lungs, and because she was not allowed to eat for 4 hours prior to the scan, I used the $5.00 toward feeding her afterwards.  As we were finishing eating, she received some preliminary scan results that showed she has blood clots on her lungs.  Later today, she will meet with her oncologist to get the complete scan results and to decide on a treatment plan.
Both her and her husband, as well as her family and many friends, are in shock over this dreadful diagnosis.  Please pray for a successful treatment option.
Thank you and God bless,"


Today I gave my reverse offering plus $5 more to our custodian at school. She was very surprised and said “that is so sweet”. She then said “I am going to give it to my nephews family who has lots of medical bills after a long stay in the hospital, thank you so much!” This was a double pay it forward
On Nov. 23rd, when I picked up my eyeglasses, I stopped at the receptionist’s desk on my way out and handed the young lady the $5 and the name card saying, “I’d like to be a blessing to you today.” She was very surprised and genuinely grateful. I felt blessed as I walked to my car.